How to get Neutral with Netherdrake (Netherdrake Epic Mount Quest Starter)
A list by Greengoo

1. Kindness
- Kill 8 Rocknail Flayers, Use Carcasses to Feed 8 Dragons (don't move!)

2. Seek Out Neltharaku
- Fly on your mount and find Neltharaku, he patrols slowly around Dragonmaw about a few hundred feet up.

3. Neltharaku's Tale
- Listen to story.

4. Infiltrating Dragonmaw Fortress
- Kill 15 of any type of orcs in the fortress.

5.To Netherwing Ledge!
- Find 12 Crystals from the floating island SE of the mainland.

6. The Force of Neltharaku
- Free 5 Dragons by using the item on them, then killing the orcs they agro.

7. Karynaku
- Find Karynaku, she's the second story of the fortress.

8. Zuluhed the Whacked
- Kill Zuluhed and recover the key. I recommend pulling him inside so as to avoid the archers, and kill him BEFORE he summons his add. Use the key he drops to free Karynaku.

9. Ally of the Netherwing
- Return to Mordenai, you will immediately gain 42,000 rep and become neutral.

10. ????
- Blizzard has announced that next patch they will be introducing a continuence of this quest line, including the ability to get exalted and purchase or receive through extensive questing an EPIC netherdrake mount. You will need epic training to use it however, so save your g!

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