Наткнулся где-то на форумах... Жаль что на анг,но даже так вставляет :)

Hunter’s Pet

Maybe a hunter’s pet is a character most looked down upon in instances; therefore pets are often not allowed to be there. But there’s always this moment, when an add comes, the hunter calls for her pet, who charges in and get his attention, tries her best to distract him as long as possible, off loading pressure from the warrior. In the end, the battle is over, all mobs killed and no one died. Everyone’s busy healing, bandaging, reapplying buffs and sit down to drink and eat. But only the hunter silently raises her hands, in the green dim light, reviving her beloved but dead pet.

A Pet’s Monolog

It is my master’s trusting expression, that makes me charge forward disregarding the danger,
Growl, and growl again.
I understand I need to risk my life to keep this monster on me,
No one will heal me fighting the monster, because the warrior in our team needs more healing,
No one will help me fighting the monster, because there are bigger threats to the team.
But I don’t feel lonely,
Because I know that on my back, my master’s caring sight is upon me.
Every time a battle ends, counting the new wounds on my battered body, eating the meat handed over by my maser,
I raise my head, try to look happy and give her a smile,
Not for the meat,
I don’t want my master to feel sad about me.